Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Response to recent Comments

I have received specific comments in regards to the Petitions which I felt needed wider address at this time.

One in particular regarding New Hampshire where the person asked how to include a Senator.

Both of the Senators of each State are already included. I double checked N.H. and both were still there.

Another comment wanted an inclusion of the Healthcare Bill issue. I sought to do that through the Causes covering Individual Regulation and Seizure of the People.

The government has for some time been seizing us in our persons through regulations and statutes. The Healthcare Bill is just the latest one that has the People upset, yet this process of reducing THE PEOPLE to chattels has been going on for a very long time.

One comment was wondering where they sign, and was looking at the wrong State Petition.

The list of the Petitions are Right there to the Right. Make sure you are at the Right One. You can add spaces for more people, even make sheets of blanks for people to sign and identify themselves appropriately.

The final comment I will address was regarding Virginia and the statutory and constitutional allowance of the Right of THE PEOPLE to Recall.

This is not a statutory effort where the government gets to tell you what your Rights are.

We know what our Rights are and that is what I believe I communicated in the Petitions.

Even Article 61 of the Magna Carta has the Right of THE PEOPLE to remove any official from office by force (not to mention make War on him and his family seizing his property) for violation of their oath to uphold the common law and fundamental Rights of THE PEOPLE.

Magna Carta is often quoted and referred to by the U.S. Supreme Court as a foundational and fundamental law of our Nation.

Having dispensed with the issue or question of statutory acceptance, by the construction of the Petitions squarely upon the antecedent Right of THE PEOPLE to reform their government as they see fit, this is a constitutional effort. It is the most basic form of peaceful constitutional effort that would precede a general popular uprising.

The force of this effort, as well as its success is numbers, large vast NUMBERS of people showing discontent, just like the 9/12ers and the Tea Party-ers. This is probably the last stop of non-violent redress and action for this nation, as the Senate appears to be ready to ever increase and solidify their violence against the Republic (your Rights).

The strength of this position is clearly in the 9th Amendment which the government cannot control as shown in West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnette. It has been our Right, it has always been our Right, it is not addressed in the Constitution for the United States of America, it is the Right of THE PEOPLE forever in the Declaration of Independence, what more can I show the world?

I am certain of one thing in this regard, if one does not believe that they have the Right to Recall these criminals and thugs, and they refuse to believe the words of the sources I have provided, I do not believe that it is possible for anyone to believe that they have these Rights if they insist on clinging to doubt.

This is what the public education system and Lawyer Aristocracy High Priesthood has done to Americans. It has made them forget who and what we are, that the only thing that can hold us together in our differences in the belief in individual Liberty and Rights.

Somehow, the founding documents were not destroyed to make History forget.

Press on countrymen. The government and its statutes are arrayed against the fundamental Rights of us all, just as Parliament did to this land in the beginning. There is no shelter nor solution in them. Their false authority is your chains. Inaction is no solution, only a vote for the tyrants.