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Action must be what THE PEOPLE will and are willing to do.

Action Report

Not having internet, I have been able to hear a little bit of audio through telephone from a friend.

With particularity the most interesting words came from comments or questions of Delegates after the presentation of a man who respects me enough to pick up the phone when I call; Mr. Jeff Dickstein.

One Delegate commented about a State nullifying the Amendment of the Constitution in question, to which Mr. Dickstein commented that such was tried in a state, but there was not enough support of THE PEOPLE to get the idea rolling forward and success would require many other states with motivation of THE PEOPLE to get the same thing going.

Thus, the missing ingredients for this Congress to be successful on that issue is:

a.) popular support; and;

b.) many states active at the same time.

Being that the issue is the income tax, and not everyone pays that or is interested, which is why the U.S. Department of Justice has trampled the First Amendment activities of the tax activist community, decimating it, without so much as a whimper of outcry of THE PEOPLE en masse; hope for any such awakening on a single issue is not likely to reach any critical mass.

Even Sun Tzu’s the Art of War explains that the Master General needs the cause that will make THE PEOPLE willing to give their Sons and Silver.

A Second Delegate, motivated by the exposure of the lawlessness of the Courts and the Executive Branch declared the circumstance was sufficient for the Continental Congress adopting a Declaration of Non-Compliance.

Mr. Dickstein had no comment to this, but the Delegate did go on to the point that such a Declaration meant that the signers would not comply with anything from the Federal Government whatsoever at whatever peril may befall the signer.

Such sounds like the self-sacrifice and slow martyrdom I am living everyday.

I cannot recommend this. I do not believe that any popular movement and uprising can be constructed upon this AT THIS PRESENT TIME.

While the idea is 1) well grounded in the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence, 2) is not a singular issue activity, and 3) it might be successful for people on a State by state basis, not requiring actions by another state to be successful, THE PEOPLE as of yet are not in a position to adopt a confrontational posture such as facing arrest, trial, and time in a federal prison. That is clear and has been for the past 30 years of the Liberty Movement.

The same is true for the Delegate who brought up declaring War against the Government, by quoting the Declaration of Independence.

Even the Founders in 1774-1775 struggled with the notion of Independence and War.

It was Concord Bridge where the surprise wind of change occurred, and they saw what THE PEOPLE were willing to do. Only then did a draft of a Declaration make it to a Vote.

Different Circumstances – Same Game

At this time, place and circumstance of America, things are different from a Parliament and a King in 1776.

In Washington, those are OUR OFFICES, OUR SEALS, OUR FLAGS which the abrogators/usurpers/traitors/mutineers/pirates have stolen!

They have taken Oaths and have commandeered the vessel and its mission. Should we declare War on the Vessel?

The Biggest Lie of All

They have the moral high ground of Capitol Hill.

They have the Bridge Deck for all to see and tell THE PEOPLE their actions are legitimate because they were voted in democratically, that the RIGHTS of THE PEOPLE were contracted to these elected representatives to dispose of at their will when THE PEOPLE voted them into office.

"We find it intolerable that one Constitutional Right should have to be surrendered in order to assert another." Simons v. United States, 390 US 377, 394 (1968)

Since the U.S. Supreme Court has stated that such is the case with one Right, how much more true is their intolerance when all Rights except voting rights are waived by voting?

THE PEOPLE have been stupefied (made Stupid) by being taught lies from the beginning.

Education is Truth

THE PEOPLE must be educated out of the lie, that they contracted their RIGHTS to be disposed of by vote to elected officials.

THE PEOPLE have been educated by (‘government stupefication’- if I may say) into the lie that the Congress has plenary (complete) control over everything and is not a legislature of limitations as a Republic is, and guaranteed by Constitution to be.

So, to lead this Nation to reclaim the RIGHT of THE PEOPLE Education will have to precede Action…unless…

the Continental Congress adopts a method of action that is also Education at the same time.

even then success of the Action will require specific elements:

Popular Support – it must have the support of a very large body of the population, either on a singular issue or multiple issues.

Low Time Treasure, and Talent costs – it must be easy, not consume a large amount of time, money, and require a special ability of each individual.

Low Intensity/Risk – participation in the action carries a low or reasonably survivable Risk to the individual, if unsuccessful.

Reasonable – the action itself is well grounded in thought and reason to fuel its own growth into a mass uprising (education).

Petitions for Recall Fit the Requirements

The mutiny of U.S. Congress, Courts, and the Executive against the Supreme Law of OUR Rights, Liberty, Tranquility, and Prosperity is clear and present.

1 to 3.6 Million People on 9/12/09 were able to take the time and treasure to fill Washington D.C. and make clear that THE PEOPLE will unite against the Government on multiple issues for the resolution of Self-Governance and Liberty, to get the government out of their lives.

That body of the populace has stated that they are willing to take Action of Vote, which is similar to the Petition, in order to make their voices heard.

The Petition signing act is very low cost in Time and Treasure for the individual signer, and the length of the Petition is the minimum amount of time and talent required to fully participate.

The Petition signing act is low intensity and Risk. There is no violation of any unconstitutional law by signing the Petition. It carries no action that should make any fear prosecution for being a part.


The body of the discontented PEOPLE is leaderless precisely because the discontent of THE PEOPLE is pursuant to so many different issues, and Organizations are single issue entities.

This is the Time, this is the Place, to unite THE PEOPLE on the singular issue of government interference and Control of their Lives and Liberty. Never before, have so many, been so enraged, by so much committed against them, by so few.

To lead them to victory, one must be able to hold them together against a defined common foe; Centralized Government Authority over their lives.

The diversity of the Continental Congress is the microcosm of the groups and States, where varied issues and body politics all converge and meet.

To be successful, the Continental Congress needs THE PEOPLE, popular support, an en masse movement, which is already afoot and ready for the low intensity action of the Petitions.

I might be wrong in all of this, but…It is my belief that THE PEOPLE cannot have their lives of tranquility and prosperity, as promised, as long as the Pirates and Traitors have possession of the stolen property of OUR Offices, Seals, and Flags, or have not at least made a great and valiant attempt to TAKE THEM BACK, even it only to be further insulted by government ever swelling their ranks.

Resistance will get the Governor Recalled and the numbers of THE PEOPLE should force State Legislative Officials on to the Side of THE PEOPLE. Such may well begin the retaking of the States that Judge Andrew Napolitano has spoken of.

There is much that the Petitions function for, and rejection is not a dead end.

Ponder carefully your course of Action Delegates.

Restrain your emotions.

There is an Army out here who will be lead by Leaders who recommend reasonable action, even action that is slowly graduated in risk and intensity, as the Rogue Government ratchets up its insults to the Rights of THE PEOPLE.

GOD’s Speed Delegates

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