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The Cause of the Petitions and Continental Congress

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The cause of the Petitions and the Continental Congress are one in the same.

The fact is that despite the authors of the Constitution and the Founders best efforts at making a system of Checks and Balances, something has seeped into the function of government that has made checks and balances to be a cruel hoax. A sick joke.

One of the Founders in particular (perhaps Benjamin Franklin), or someone in the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention (1776) either understood the problem with checks and balances being left only in the laps of those being paid to exercise power, and therefore gave everyone in the Convention an education to the point that they adopted a clause that created a "Council of Censors".

“SECT. 47. In order that the freedom of the commonwealth may be preserved inviolate forever, there shall be chosen by ballot by the freemen … called the COUNCIL OF CENSORS… whose duty it shall be to enquire whether the constitution has been preserved inviolate in every part; and whether the legislative and executive branches of government have performed their duty as guardians of the people, or assumed to themselves, or exercised other or greater powers than they are intitled (sic) to by the constitution: They are also to enquire whether the public taxes have been justly laid and collected in all parts of this commonwealth, in what manner the public monies have been disposed of, and whether the laws have been duly executed… they shall have power to send for persons, papers, and records; they shall-have authority to pass public censures, to order impeachments, and to recommend to the legislature the repealing such laws as appear to them to have been enacted contrary to the principles of the constitution.”

The job was simple, The only function of this body was just like a Police Citizens Review Committee. To identify and root out perpetrators of wrong acts.

In previous articles I did show some comments about the Magna Carta from Sir Winston Churchill, which shows the foundational concept of the limitation of legislative authority over Rights and the authority of any and all persons to enforce the constitution of the nation as constructed on fundamental law.

Whether one see Churchill as his enemy who agrees with our Rights being the SUPREME LAW, or an ally of Freedom, the fact of the inviolate nature of Rights in the face of legislative tyranny are still made clear.

The History of America has shown us that Checks and Balances have failed, whether the person is elected into Office or Appointed to the High Court, there is no difference. There is no shelter for any within and without government who point out the lawlessness.

Apparently, since the Constitution does not enforce itself, it appears that the only Amendment needed is for the Creation of a Council of Censors with a Police/Guard Force, Prison, and Prosecutor (hopefully a non-lawyer) to try the perpetrators of Crimes against THE PEOPLE, before a Jury under common-law.

In matter after matter, we have seen with amazement that the Congress cannot agree to do anything correct, but has no problem agreeing to give themselves raises and enrich their power and purses of friends.

We have seen that despite Constitution, Statute, U.S. Supreme Court Precedent, and Treaty, that we of THE PEOPLE with the most biting issues are ignored by the courts.

Meanwhile, the Executive Branch glories in its power and control to harass and oppress the people with the powers unlawfully seized by the Congress.

It is my hope that the Continental Congress will be the beginning and center point of a movement that finally shows THE PEOPLE a means of enforcement of the fundamental law which is THEIR RIGHTS.

(No, that is not a typographical error. Your Rights are the Fundamental Law that can never be changed by any vote of any body of human beings.)

It is my hope that one day soon the concerned People of America will concurrently implement the Recall Petitions herein to enforce their demand for a real choice and real election, not the same insanity of voting back and forth for either of the two criminal gangs who have brought this nation to ruin.

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  1. Why has none of this information been brought up to our Congress and representatives ????
    It is clear that the major part of this is INConstitutional, we need to Demand that this all be repealed.