Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This was expected

Recall meets resistance

(Like we did not see this coming nor expect it t come from the active.)

The first notes of resistance to the idea of recalling the U.S. Senators has come in, and not surprisingly from people who have been in the Government Reformation Movement for many decades.

I. The first was from someone who thought we should physically go into the offices of the U.S. Senate and throw them out.

This person was not thinking about the Security Forces that they now have posted at every door with automatic weapons. (I suppose that they think that they are protecting the Government, which is THE PEOPLE, not their Representatives.)

II. The Second was from someone who said that it is a meaningless effort as there are not enough people involved in the Reform Movement to accomplish this goal.

This person was not paying attention to the fact that somewhere between 100,000 to 3.6 Million People by some reports, were in Washington D.C. on September 12, 2009, and that they are ready to throw out the whole Congress (probably except for Ron Paul, and then the Congressmen who addressed the crowd trying to hide their violations of Oaths of Office acting like they can lead THE PEOPLE).

III. The Third was from a longtime alleged leader in the movement (more like a provocateur) who said that Louisiana and Wisconsin efforts in the past failed because the Federal Courts stated that there is no Constitutional provision to allow recall.

Well, to that person, and to the Courts I believe that along with the awakening of THE PEOPLE to who they are, and their willingness to press UNALIENABLE, it is time to re-examine the 9th Amending Article to the Constitution for the United States of America:


The enumeration of certain rights in the Constitution, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

Looks to me that some judges told THE PEOPLE who asked them for permission to be FREE that they cannot be FREE, that the 9th Amendment does not mean ANYTHING.

Does anyone who actually loves Liberty and Justice over Tyranny think that these Oligarchic Tyrants of the Lawyer Aristocracy are actually going to lay down and give you your FREEDOM, LIBERTY, PROSPERITY, and COUNTRY back without a fight?

If so, then none of you would have ever needed to go to Washington D.C., they would have complied with your calls against Immigration and Health Reform, NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, TARP, and not dared to tread into places where they have NO authority.

Plainly the Treasonous efforts of the Courts COMMAND our DUTY to defy their lawlessness and make the Government Reform Movement an ever growing Awakening and ever growing Civil Disobedience Action exposing the Lawlessness of Government and calling down by name those Judges and Officials who have betrayed OUR Liberty and Rights.

Shall we shirk and shrink in the face of the Lawlessness of Our Representatives and Officials who rebuke us for demanding our Rights, OR will we allow their Tyrannical and Treasonous actions and words incense us and our communities to swell the ranks of the Government Reform Movement?

IV. The final resistance comment was regarding the language of some subjects covered in the Petition.

This is only my draft of the Petition. Any group can take the Petition and make it their own.

Issues have long divided THE PEOPLE, but the one thing all of these issues have in common is that the Senate should have never touched these issues to disturb OUR UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. Neither can it be for the States to decide them for us either, for the effect of UNALIENABLE means that no government can ever take any action against them. Anyone who desires or postulates otherwise is a treasonous tyrant.

What then is left is actual FREEDOM, actual individual CHOICE.

It is the trampling of FREEDOM that all of these issues have in common, and the trampling of the least of any Rights is cause for Recall for the Treasonous act of violation of their Sacred Oaths of Office, your Sacred Rights.

If America cannot see that the way we have gone by making these Kings above us to make decisions about a myriad of subjects has not made peace, but myriads of misery…

If America cannot see that their Kings have placed upon us Statutes of Suffering…

Then it is clear that America, you have been duped by the government and the Courts. You have been duped in your education, and indoctrinated into lies and things that are impossible where UNALIENABLE lives. (I am guilty also, but I am awakening.)

It is time to free your mind America. UNALIEANBLE awaits you to rub the sleep from your eyes, and see who you are, the one who holds your chains in whitened clenched fist afraid of FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

UNALIENABLE awaits for you to make the show of force of Freedom and begin the demand for Recall of the U.S. Senate simultaneously in each state, as show that will not be as easily ignored as the 9/12.

Get your group to associates with others who adopt the Petition, gather names on the Petition at your meetings and public gatherings, this is a smaller effort than going to D.C., takes only moments, and may well awaken more Americans to UNALIENABLE.

Not I, but ONLY YOU can decide if UNALIENALE lives in America…

or dies due to lack of interest.

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