Monday, October 5, 2009


9/30/2009 Update to Michigan Doc. California Pet. Complete

I have finally opened this Blog after years and years of a friend Rose commanding me to do so.

I did not hold that I had anything significant to add to my other public comment, that is until some 3.6 Million People by one report (from the Metro D.C. Police), showed up in D.C. and said that they were there to tell Congress that none of them should expect to be re-elected in 2010.

This gave me a few thoughts that lead to the direct thought of, 'Why Wait?'.

So, to get to the point, by a little application of our in perpetuum (forever ours) unalienable rights one does not have to wait for next year what we can absolutely do now with 3+ million of our like minded friends.

After talking with some people I was placed on the duty of writing something that would amply reveal what this would look like.

Again, why wait, and allow them to have theoir pension and healthcare for the rest of their lives. What have they done for America in making sure your pension was not raided and healthcare not eliminated by the circumstances they have created?

Here it is, the Petition To Recall by Fundamental, in perpetuum, unalienable Right:

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