Monday, October 19, 2009

E. Pluribus Unum - The Spirit of 9-12-2009

We are diverse.

Our Nation, driven by material consumption has made us not just as nation diverse in race, creed, color, economics, and interests, but a nation diverse in cultures distinguished one generation from the next within families.

You are reading this because you have awakened to the broken two party system of government you used to trust, jumping from promise to promise, candidate to candidate, left to Right, while forgetting unalienable in perpetuum Rights, Liberty, and Freedom.

The enemy has profited, and seeks to perpetuate its power, by dividing us into ineffective miniscule groups…so I PRAY and IMPLORE my Readers…my Countrymen…

Do not be dissuaded from confederation behind these Petitions due to the Causes.

The Causes are legion that call us to action at this moment in History.

The Causes are diverse.

The Causes can divide us should we be little tyrants, who want to impose OUR WILL and opinion on Our Neighbor, who fear his choices, and who seek to criminalize his freedom and liberty, an attribute well exploited by the two Gangs who control Government.

The Causes share one common thread, the one Common Cause, Liberty/Freedom…our Right to decided without Government control of every aspect of our lives.

There is no diversity under a Rule of Majority of a Democracy. There is only the centralized edict; capricious tyranny trampling the individual.
Such has performed well in the rise of Party/Gang Politics who have long competed at the cost of your Liberty.

To support the Petitions is to end the Gang Warfare known as Politics, which disarms the usurpers of Liberty.

Our Neighbors Right to be wrong is equal to our Right to be Right, and when all issues are no longer politicized by an over-reaching government, his decision becomes a private issue; lest it harms the Rights, life, limb, or property of another, then it is a criminal/civil tort matter.

Such is the effect of the Choice for Freedom that you seek as promised by the fundamental law of land.

Such is Freedom form jackbooted Police Power of State, its statutes and regulations.

Common Law, Common Rights, this is the only means of Prosperity and Privacy, for the opposite is Regulation and Intrusion of the King/god of government and his Police into our homes and every aspect of our lives as we now suffer.
Any one of us who believes in a single Cause in these Petitions must sign and give energy to its success, and not dissuaded by any Cause we do not agree with, for if we want to be FREE in the Cause that is part of our Liberty, our Neighbor and Countryman must also be free of the tyranny of our opposing position imposing into their life, and the threat of the continuation of Gang Warfare against all Liberty in the Congress.

We must now see that in order to evict this government from our lives and home, we must equally support its eviction from the lives of our Neighbor.

Gerald Clente of Trends Journal, who claims to be a “Political Atheist”, has well explained, there are more of us who are disaffected by the two Gangs than are affiliated with the Gangs. Therefore, we together united in Liberty and Freedom are far more than they are in their tyrannical manipulation of self-interest.

We will take back America from this Gang War that has cost us our Liberty and Freedom under guise of Statute Law.

There are far too many of us. Well will succeed, and throw out the Thugs who have trampled their Oaths to protect ALL of our Rights and never to encroach, and threaten us with their swarms of agents, statutes, and regulations.

Awaken your Hearts, Free your minds.

We are strong. We are many. We are Diverse.

Freedom makes us One (E. Pluribus Unum – “Out of many- One”)

Sincerely praying for your Liberty,

Signed, Unalienable

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