Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Debt Crisis Admitted - Dollar Damage Imminent

When the TARP plan was suggested (September 2008?) I watched Paul Krugman, Professor Milner from Carnegie Mellon and some unknown from the Treasury Department debate it on News Hour/PBS.

Krugman and the Treasury guy were in favor.

Professor Milner said he had seen and advised in similar problems from Sweden to Chile and TARP was not the answer, that printing money was not the answer.

Krugman flip-flopped to Milners side before it was over.

Krugman was later given the Nobel Prize for Economics and flip-flopped again to the side of his friend Bernanke.

Bernanke was quoted before he was Fed Chairman as saying if a crisis occurred he would throw hundred dollar bills from a helicopter to solve the problem, one former CIA Operative explained to me in spring of 2007.

In reality, what he did do is throw hundreds of Billions of Dollars from a helicopter over his Friends places at Goldman Sachs, AIG, JP Morgan/Chase, Bank of America. (This was seen in 1987 and disclosed in the Tim Meitz book 'The Catastrophe of October 19, 1987 . . . and Beyond)

So plainly the plan has been all along to print money.

Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, and Martin Weiss and many others have said over and over again that the government printing money was not the solution to the contrived collapse caused by an unregulated financial industry that was a glorified and institutionalized Gambling Operation.

Even Gerald Clenete of Trends Journal has been moved to call the Recovery a Wallpaper recovery of paper money and call this the Greatest Recession leading to the Greatest Depression.

Last week an Asian Hedge-Fund manager (Mark Farber) on CNBC caused an uproar on set when he stated that America would default on its debt.

Here is the pinch...of this article.

A.  The Media is now admitting to the rise the Debt Crisis...that is coming...and the people who created it by the endless printing of money cannot stop it even with all of the Democrats and Republican Horses and Men as they cannot put Humpty Dumpty Economy (that sat on morally falling Wall Street) back together again.

B.  The Media now does not believe that the Democrats are the answer, but that the sacrifice of Reason, Rights, Liberty, and Freedom on the Altar of Consensus by the Hand of both Parties is the answer. 

C.  The Media and is showing America, by their reports on the reasoning behind the Bayh Decision, that the Money Powers will collapse the Political and Economic Systems if THE PEOPLE do not leave the debauched Two Thug System alone, and learn to like whatever they contrive to foist THE PEOPLE upon.

The Money Powers and Politicians do not appreciate the Majority of Americans bringing the meddling issues of Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, Prosperity of the People, and inperpetuum rights into the political sphere.

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